Sound Check 4PM Today

Hello, Now that all chances of rain are passed, we are dragging all the sound equipment out of the closet and having a sound check/jam? today, July 27 at 4 PM if anybody wants to check it out and get their pre-party warm up. heheehe!  Wayne is laying some new bricks so the dance floor is BIGGER this year, yay! The tarp is up now, and i just swept all the leaves off the stage. Anybody else getting excited? Call me and let me know if you are coming today. soundcheck


4 thoughts on “Sound Check 4PM Today

  1. Sheri, thanks so much to you and Wayne for all you do to set this up every year — too much work for you to be doing for your own birthday! I’m going into my garage right now to see if I can find a tent that isn’t too difficult to set up, as I’m sure you’ll have a house full of people, and maybe someone will help me set up the tent. I’ll bring my usual, a big ol’ bottle of dark rum and a 12-pack of cokes, and since I’m not a cook, I’ll bring some other goodies from the local deli like I did in the past. I’m going to try to be there before noon so perhaps I can set up my piano and get to hear you and your group perform! Do you think my keyboard will be in the way of anyone else’s board or anything else? It’s quite long … (that’s what SHE said, huh?) — Donna

    • Donna, I got the stage all set up yesterday, PLENTY of room for your keyboard. I hope you are there early enough to jam with my “band” hehehe.

    • Hey Donna, Steve and I will be happy to help you set up your tent! We will try to be there by 11:00 . Will bring a tarp for the ground if you don`t have one. What is the size of your tent?

  2. We can`t wait to see you all and party! “Dance to the music”…and hang loose, as some say:) See you next Saturday about 11: 30ish. We will bring pasta salad, cheese bread, assorted sweet delights and dancing happy feet!
    Love you!!!
    Laurie and Steve
    :) :<)

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